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Global Forests -
Little Known or Interesting Factoids About Trees and Tree Physiology

Karen Rockoff is the primary contact 
Jim is in the hospital & will take calls through Karen.

Karen Rockoff is the only ISA certified
arborist with

BEWARE- There are other persons fraudulently representing These persons are not authorized or licensed to use the name or inject with the chemjet system. Please contact Karen Rockoff immediately if these persons attempt to solicit these services. 

Contact:  Cell: 830.955.0304
                     Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified

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Photo Gallery

Very Special Trees 
My Tree Live Oak Tree

My Tree

Photo Gallery

Illustrating The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ways we care for Our Trees

Click images for close-up viewing

Live OaK Tree lending a helping limb to a Pecan Tree. !! .... Hold on tight. ... Is this marriage - or - just tree bonding ?

Pecan Tree
showing crown loss and decline
from Asphalt Asphyxiation

Asphalt completely covers
root zone area for
church parking lot
Caliches Soil,
first top dressed
to lay base for asphalt parking lot
Pecan trees in Church parking lot, one year later 
Trees have lost more than 50% of their canopy
Parking lot   -  10       Trees   -  0
Dieback from
Landscape Asphyxiation
and soil compaction over root zone
Final dieback
after years of decline
caused by landscape practices
Parking Lot Hell
Oh, to be free!
Living Free!
(Cork Suber)
Cork Oak (Cork Suber)
located at the Union State Bank,
Main St., Kerrville,TX

Cork Oak Leaves Cork Oak Acorns & Leaves
"Trees Now Available"
I Have a Limited supply of the Cork Oak Trees (Cork Suber)
Call 1- 830-257-8871 for pickup and directions.
In small Containers 18" - 24" height for $10.00 ea.
Adult Trees are similar in size and shape of our
Live Oak Trees. Leaf cast is also in the spring time.
Cork Bark
Trunk of Cork Oak

150 year old Live Oak Trees,
victims of parking lot progress

Four Majestic Live Oak Trees with a combined life span of 800 years, replaced by trees with fifteen years life span
Rock N Root
Life after Oak Wilt
;;;; Oh, for a drink of fresh cool water, some cool weather, and get rid of that...&*%$#@ concrete.... roots are killing me!

Post oak tree one year later
Look ! They butchered  60 years off my
beautiful crown. And you had a bad hair day ?
All I really needed was Water - Water - Water
Shame Shame on stuipid stupid people !! 

Meet...Buffalo Bill....oops....
I mean Bill Buffalo 

See more photos  >>> Photo Gallery Page 2

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