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Pentra-Bark - Toxicity Page 2 

Bill Stringfellow's  Point of View

----- Original Message -----  
From: wstringfellow
To: j.rediker
Cc: Arthur M Reginelli
Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 7:32 PM
Subject: Pentra- Bark

Dear Mr. Rediker, 
All is not well, concerning the letter that you posted from alleged medical doctor, Cindy Russell M.D. on your Scenic Hills Nursery website.
As Managing Director of Quest Products Corporation I have the responsibility to inform you, all of the information posted from your web sight with references to Pentra-Bark including the letter referencing a Cindy Russell M.D. detailing the use of APE's in surfactant formulations have been sent to retained legal council for evaluation for potential action.
Your posting of such false, missing leading, grossly over exaggerated, attempt at fear generation through the maligned statements of eminent health danger with of the use of Pentra-Bark has inflected significant damages to the good name of Pentra-Bark and Quest Products Corporation.
Such actions on your part demonstrate a clear lack of knowledge and understanding of the pesticide industry, the process of and the research involved to obtain both a U.S. Federal EPA pesticide registration, and a State of California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation license, legal process, and the federal and state pesticide regulations.  Such actions on your part are without merit and you must be held both legally liable and accountable.
This clearly evidenced by in our short conversation when we spoke to address the posting on your web site you stated that you did not use the Pentra-Bark product in combination with Agri-Fos or Vital but instead used potassium phosphite to control Oak Wilt. This fact in it self is a violation of the U.S. Federal Pesticide Act, and the Pesticide Act of the State of Texas of using and recommending products as pesticides that have no registration as pesticides and then the secondary offense of charging for those services.
Bill Stringfellow 
----- Original Message -----
From:  j.rediker
To:  wstringfellow
Cc: Arthur M Reginelli
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 2:16 AM
Subject: Pentra- Bark

Bill Stringfellow
As you are aware I sent you the letter from Dr Russell the very day it was posted and you came back with your phone call. When I got home, I e mailed you 03/29/2008 7:12:45 PM  to advise that the letter would be removed at the earliest possible time. However, I will continue to note the caution statement below.
Caution:   Potassium Phosphite is relatively benign, but the Pentra-Bark compound it is typically mixed with, can irritate the lungs and the skin as well as cause nausea and head aches.  Avoid "over spray" and heed the manufacturers instructions on wearing protective equipment.
This same letter is posted on the Vista Verde Web site with a response from Dr Matteo Garbelotto and people can see both sides and make up their minds re the pros and cons.

I have not personally made any slander statement against you or your products. You can fine out all the information laid out in Dr Russell’s letter of every search engine world wide. So sue them too!!!! 

The letter is not an attempt to defame you but, to inform and make aware her friends and her neighborhood to be cautious when using the product for spraying. The information expressed in her letter was partly her own opinions and information available on the web. She is entitle to freedom of speech under the constitution. At that time of year there were a lot of people out spraying a lot of trees. Your product is considered as a pesticide and has certain cautionary statement on your label that, I am sure you are well aware of and privy to certain fact that the public are not aware of.

Many of the articles on my web site are for information purposes and in many cases they inscribe my personal opinions and are covered by my right to freedom of speech just as you have the same privilege to rant at me. Again, I repeat I have not made any slander statement against you or your products.

Re the use of Potassium Phosphite. This is how I use it as a nutrient and for Post Oaks or White Oaks that developed root problems during the torrential rains last summer.

We discussed Agri-Fos and Pentra Bark and a friend in Fredericksburg wanted to try the mixture with Kestrel and I told him that they would not mix as Propiconazole products together would coagulate like vinegar and milk due to the pH factor and you agreed for the same reasons. So you are wrong in assuming and accusing me of using PP with Kestrel and Pentra Bark. Furthermore it would be cost prohibitive to apply this kind of spray application using three different chemicals and only one labeled to treat oak wilt. Just think of the mess you would have if you sprayed that kind of cocktail on a tree.  That would be SICK.   I do very little spraying of pesticides because of a respiratory problem.

I strictly use Kestrel 14.3 MEC PROPICONAZALE for my oak wilt Injections and Owen Towne (Phoenix Environmental Care) can vouch all for my purchases of Kestrel.....Pot Phos is not labeled to use for the treatment of Oak wilt but only for Sudden Oak Death and for grass problems.

You need to get your facts straight and be careful with the accusations, regarding the product I use to treat Oak Wilt. I must maintain careful records of all the chemicals I use, and these records are always available for the TDA to inspect.  

In as much as the information in the letter. It would be your responsibility to prove the falsehoods or gross exaggerated statements regarding your product as to the fact that independant research groups have determined their findings regarding the active ingredients and posted these facts on the web even for your own  interest .... should you be so inclined to look up that information.

Basically I have the right for freedon of expression and that includes me posting that letter to inform the public. I have advised you that I will remove it and it would be in your best interest to back off  because you don't want me for a enemy.

Jim Rediker

This one is for you, the reader to decide but, sure sounds like Quest Products Corporation is not all up front nor very transparent about Pentra Bark ... AND IT'S POTENTIAL TOXICITY !!!!!

Disclaimer: This article may contain pesticide recommendations that are subject to change at any time. These recommendations are provided only as a guide. It is always the pesticide applicator’s responsibility, by law, to read and follow all current label directions for the specific pesticide being used. If any information in these recommendations disagrees with the label, the recommendation must be disregarded. No endorsement is intended for products mentioned, nor is criticism meant for products not mentioned. The Writer assumes no liability resulting from the use of these recommendations. The information given herein is for educational purposes only. Reference to commercial products or trade names is made with the understanding that no discrimination is intended and no endorsement is implied.


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