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Paint All Wounds on Oaks Immediately!


Oak wilt is a devastating tree disease that kills oak trees in the Hill Country.  It’s caused by a fungus carried by beetles.  When an infected beetle lands on a fresh pruning cut, it can infect the tree.  Most oak trees infected with oak wilt die within a few months.\

You can prevent oak wilt by painting fresh pruning wounds immediately after you cut the branch. Spray right away so the beetles don’t get there first! Cover the entire wound with a thin coating of black spray paint. The commercial pruning paints, also called “tree wound dressing,” are a petroleum base product, and are very toxic to trees, especially on fresh wounds. They are thick like auto body undercoating. People tend to apply a thick protective application with the thought that more is better. When it dries and cracks, insects hide in behind this thick coating application, causing damaging infections. It is best to buy an inexpensive black spray paint at your local hardware store or Wal Mart for about $1.00. A light application is sufficient and will allow the wound to cure properly as nature intended. A thin coat of spray paint seals wounds so spores can't stick to the sap and germinate. The purpose here is to stop the molecular evaporation of oak sap, that attracts the beetle. Everything between insects and trees is chemical and that rings like a loud dinner bell for the insects.

Wound Treatment

Proper pruning is the key to good wound closure. A number of studies have shown that the use of commercial purning paints or tree wound dressings does not speed up the tree's ability to seal a wound. In most cases. The opposite is true, that pruning paints and wound dressings create a more favorable environment for decay causing organisms and insect invasion compared to doing nothing at all.

At this time pruning paints are no longer recommended for most trees, the exception is paint the wounds on Oak Tree in areas where there is high risk of oak wilt. As mentioned above it is best to use just regular black spray paint, with just enough coverage to seal the wound, and stop the molecular evaporation of oak sap, but at the same time allow the wound wood to dry and cure properly.  
How to make a Spray Paint pole for about $5.00
1)  -   A  Small  4"  Strap Hinge
2)  -   Two 4" Hose clamps
3)  -   Two 2" Hose Clamps
4)  -   One Can Black Spray Paint
5)  -   A Piece of Light Cord 18' Long
Clamps one end of the hinge to your pruning saw pole, using both 2" clamps ( see photos below )
Then clamp the spray paint can to the pruning pole with the two 4" clamps and allow the top half of the hinge to fold over the top of the spray can. Be sure to adjust the proper spray direction. Secure the cord using the screw hole at the tip of the hinge. Your pruning pole is ready for the job.
Remember:  Cut then Paint Immediately !

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