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Karen Rockoff is the only ISA certified
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Karen L. Rockoff
Master Certified Landscaper TX 4803
ISA Certified Arborist TX 3308A
Certified Oak Wilt Specialist TX 0291

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Our Services and All We Do


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Our Service - Purpose And All We Do 

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Our Urban Tree Health Care is a holistic approach to tree care that focuses on improving the health of trees in the urban neighborhood environments.  Our objective is a healthy, sustainable urban residential forest. Trees in these environments are often stressed by compacted soil, drought, poor planting and pruning techniques, misuse of herbicides and pesticides, over fertilizing, possible air pollutants, runoff from road oils, damage from construction practices and much more. Trees planted in the right sites and properly maintained are less likely to suffer and are more resistant to pest problems.

Pest problems are managed using a decision making process, that considers the following:
  • Identification of the host and the pest.
  • Monitoring off the host and the pest.
  • Selection of the appropriate management strategy.
  • Evaluation of the management plan.
Our focus is on pest management programs that are environmentally, socially and economically sound.


  • Oak Wilt Inspections and Analysis

  • Alamo (R) Preventive or Therapeutic Infusion

  • Assist in Arrangement for Root Trenching

  • Tree Pruning and Trimming - Equipment Sterilization

  • Fertilization, Foliar, Deep Root and Soil Amendments - Root Health Care Programs

  • Soil and Root Zone Aeration

  • Tree and Stump Removal - Tree Replacement

  • Cabling and Bracing  

  • Ball Moss Control         

  • Insect and Disease Management

  • Mulching and Watering

  • Construction Injury Minimization

  • Plant Health Care Property Inspections

  • Hazard Tree Identification


We offer you a complete range of professional services to improve and maintain the health of your trees, reduce their hazard potential, and help them achieve their maximum beauty and longevity.

Oak Wilt Inspection and Analysis, Injection and Root Trenching

Free Consultation, Analysis, and Identification of oak wilt on your property, we will make recommendations regarding,  treatment, trenching and removal of dead trees.

We specialize in the Oak Wilt Chemical Injection as prescribed by Texas A&M’s Program for Oak Wilt Management using the Alamo fungicide in a macro injection format at dosage rates prescribed by the Texas A&M Program. We can assist in the arrangements for root trenching through the Texas Forest Service cost sharing program or with private contractors.  

Also See Our Oak Wilt Prevention and Tree Health Care Program And Personal Note

Tree Pruning and Trimming

As trees grow, they need direction. This may be in the form of trimming, pruning, shaping and removal of deadwood.  Pruning enhances the appearance and value of your landscape trees.     

Equipment sterilization is important for your oak trees in order to prevent the spread of oak wilt. 

Proper pruning: 

  • Is essential to the tree health, removes weak, dead, storm damaged, diseased or interfering branches

  • Can be use to train growth patterns of young trees

  • Minimizes the risk of hazard and storm damage

  • Provides clearance for streets, sidewalks, driveways, structures and overhead utility lines.

Fertilization and Root Health Care Programs

Trees exist in an environment characterized by natural cycles an recycling of essential nutrients. Growing niches suitable to their species. Trees produce their own organic humus to the soils which in turn is recycled to help meet some of the tree’s requirements for essential nutrients. Trees make their own food through photosynthesisOur fertilization applications, foliar, deep root and soil amendments are designed to support and replace the nutrients the tree’s needs throughout the entire growing seasons to maintain their vitality. 

Our program does not produce rapid lush growth but rather enhances normal slow growth in order that the tree can maintain defense against predators and remain healthy and vigorous.

Soil and Root Zone Aeration

Aeration of the soil either by injection air or water helps to breakup soil compaction. It improves the soil’s ability to obtain and hold water, oxygen, carbon and nutrients. In turn, it improves and promotes new root growth.

Tree and Stump Removal and Tree Replacement

A tree may have to be removed due to location and poor conditions of health. In some cases, the tree removal may be a simple job and at other times it can be very technical and costly. We strive to find the safest solution for hazardous and difficult tree removal.

We can remove stumps of any size and our grinder is capable to pass through 36” gates into back yards. Tree replacement is part of our tree care program and we have access to the various trees (variety and sizes) that are conducive to our area.

Cabling and Bracing

Often, a tree that has lost its structural integrity can be pruned to reduce weight problems and excessive sailing effects caused by heavy winds. Trees with structural defects may benefit from cabling and bracing. These techniques can be an effective means to extend the life of a tree.

Ball Moss Control

Mechanical or hand removal is the best method of control when integrated as part of the normal pruning and maintenance program which can remove 70-80%.  Chemical control should be considered for the removal of the remaining ball moss.  Winter months and in early spring, after the new leaves have hardened off, while the temperatures are relatively low, will provide best results. 

Insect and Disease Management

The first line of defense against predators and disease is tree vigor. When a tree is healthy it grows at its normal slow rate and produces defense chemicals in the leaves to ward off insects. At Scenic Hills Nursery our prime concern is preventative pest management. Even with preventive maintenance, sometimes trees cannot defend themselves against insects and disease. We assess the infestation and recommend the most effective and environmental approach possible for your landscape trees.  

Mulching and Watering

Why mulch around your trees? Because mulching closely parallels how a tree grows in a natural forest setting.  Mulching conserves moisture around the tree root zone, provides temperature control in summer and winter. Avoids mower and weed eater damage around the base of the tree. Wood chips are readily available, inexpensive, easy to work with, long lasting and attractive. The application of Protium Hydroxide is one of the single most important things you can apply to your trees. Use it liberally, quantatively and frequently. It is not available in your garden supply store or local nursery. However it is available in your local grocery store or better still at the end of your hose.  It’s H2o or water! 

Constructing and Injury Minimization

Construction on your property can cause damage to your existing trees, but preventing construction damage can add years to your tree’s life. Establishing barriers (fencing) around valuable trees to keep equipment as far away from the root zones is one way The Care of Trees can help your trees live longer and healthier lives. Call us for consultation and recommendations on preventing injury during your next construction project. 

Plant Health Care Property Inspection

A survey of your property with a detail evaluation of each tree to keep each tree in good health, will help the tree provide better defense against insects and disease. 

Hazard Tree Identification

To evaluate the condition of trees and recommend maintenance procedures.

Our Oak Wilt Prevention and Tree Health Care Program consists of three simple steps:

First: With the Alamo flare root infusion, using a prescribed dosage rate of 10 ml. per diameter inch. For symptomatic trees, we recommend one and a half to twice the prescribed dosage rate. The injection is recommended to be applied on a bi-annual basis, as after 23-24 months the Alamo residual is no longer apparent and it is important to protect the new annual growth rings of the sap layer. Alamo infusion is not a cure, it helps to extend the life of the tree.

REALISTICALLY :  There is only one cure for Oak Wilt, and one guarantee:  Death cures everything and GOD’S lives dies...... GUAARRAANNTEED.

Second:  We strongly recommend a fertilization program to keep your trees strong and healthy. Understand that, fertilization should not be construed as a health cure for Oak Wilt, it is an aid and an alternative to better tree health.

BIO-GREEN, which consists of  NPK Macro and Micro Nutrients, Vitamins, Humic and  Fulvic Acids, Plant Sugars, Plant Extracts (Growth Hormones), Sea Kelp which has all the known soluble minerals of the world and Soil Based Microbes.

A Witches Brew or what ever you call it, it can only assist and help restore tree and soil health. Please do not construe that, Bio-Green or any like-product on the market will cure Oak Wilt.  BIO-GREEN is a natural and organic solution to support a better soil and tree health.  We strongly recommended a foliar application about every six months.

Third: Soil amendments, which are basically high nitrogen fertilizers with a high sulfur  ratio (21-0-0 plus 24% sulfur) with micro nutrients. Our Soils are high pH (alkaline 7.8 to 8.2 or higher) and usually high with phosphorous and potassium. High pH soils with high (P) and (K) change the availability of nutrients from soluble to insoluble. The sulfur helps increase the acidity and lowers the alkaline levels which increase the solubility of the available of nutrients. Adding fertilizers with (P) and  (K), you are just adding to the soil problem. (eg: got heart burn, eat a pizza and really turn your heart burn on). Save your money and help your soil. A word of caution, a lighter application is better, and three or four applications a year is ideal. However, consider the time of year and drought conditions. 

A Personal Note: I became fascinated and have loved the Live Oaks since, I arrived here from Canada in 1977.  Back in Canada, my career was in the international steamship and  world freight business. This was a new life and a new career, which became a passion over the years and I wanted to learn everything I could about plants and trees. I consider myself an arborist from the school where the learning was hard, and the experience has been very extensive, a wonderful experience and far beyond my dreams. This was a dream come true. I am not a Certified Arborist and I don’t feel that, my love and experience should be measured by a certificate or a degree. I enjoy my work and the experience of meeting people and knowing that I just might help save one or two of your trees. When this happens the reward is awesome.  I was always afraid and very cautious about answering a question to a customer, I did not dare give a line that the customer might like to hear, I figured maybe the customer knew the answer and I was being tested. My answer proved to be the best teacher I ever had ....“I’ll look it up and get back to you”. 

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