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Karen Rockoff 
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                     Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified


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To build a safe ANT BATE TRAP that will protect you, your children, pets and your neighbors.
Reduce Exposure To The Envoronment. 
The bate is protected from the weather elements. The bate will only be available to the ants and it will be effective for a much longer duration. 
Easy To Build  - All parts available from your local Hardware Store.   
Materials Needed:   All from PVC Plumbing Parts 
1 Piece 2" PVC Pipe, 14" long      Cut in half on 45 degree angle.
1 Tee 2"x 2" x 11/2" 
1 Piece 11/2" PVC pipe  21/2" - 3" long
1 Coupling 11/2" male thread
1 End Cap 11/2  threaded 
1 Nipple or Riser ( Gray ) - 6" long 3/4" OD ( tread on both ends )                                 drill 4 - 3/8" holes just above the thread of one end. ( see photo )
2 End caps 3/4" with thred
1- 3/4" long hard steel screw ( drill small hole in one of the end caps & insert screw )
                              ( the screw makes it easier to remove Riser from the Tee )  
Assemble as illustrated:   You do not have to use PVC Glue ... It is optional.
Click on a
o enlarge
When you have it completely assembled lay it on the side and drill the holes as indicated  ----  a couple of 1/2" holes and  4 - 3/8" holes
   You may call if you need further assistance:  1-830-459-8216
The rest is easy, put the bate in the 3/4" nipple ( Gray Riser ), screw on the top cap with the steel screw and insert into the 1-1/2" opening and then screw 11/2" the end cap. NOW!   The bate is secure, your family is safe and those pesky critters are ready for action ... 
It's Party Time !   
                  Place The Bate Trap in your garden or where needed.      
NOW... May The Fun Begin !!!!!!.
  Watch'em DIE  and YOU SMILE !


           Ant bates not included ..... Available at your Garden Store

       Always follow the label instructions !

 Karen Rockoff 
Contact:  Cell: 830.955.0304
                     Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified

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