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 R.I.P. Jim Rediker

BEWARE- There are other persons fraudulently representing These persons are not authorized or licensed to use the name or inject with the chemjet system. Please contact Karen Rockoff immediately if these persons attempt to solicit these services. 

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                     Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified

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Scenic Hills Nursery was established in Kerrville, Texas, in 1978 by Rena and Jim Rediker.  Jim is a Licensed Nurseryman, an experienced Arborist and a Consultant.  Scenic Hills Nursery is Licensed and Bonded.

When I arrived here over 20 years ago, I marveled at the Texas Live Oak, its majestic beauty, strength and character and, yes, what character they have. The Live Oak is one of the strongest, most resilient tree that defies the worst soil and environmental growing conditions; it ekes a survival out of Texas, they thrive and do it well. 

OAK WILT is the most devastating disease, destroying our Live Oaks at epidemic proportions. Texas A&M's oak wilt suppression and management program of isolation trenching, "ALAMO" macro flare root infusion and using proper pruning and fertilization practices helps extend the life, beauty and value of our Live Oaks. We continue to monitor the research efforts to find a cure for oak wilt. 

We have served the Hill Country since 1978, specializing in the suppression of oak wilt, the "Alamo" Macro Injection, and apply proper pruning and trimming practices at the proper time of year. We also provide a tree health care program of fertilization, both foliar and soil applications, and endeavor to use bio-pesticides control methods for insect control. We also do spray for ball moss control. 

We can assist in arranging for trenching or direct you to the Texas Forestry Service in your area or for the Kerrville area contact Mr. Mark Duff 1-830-257-7744.  The Oak Wilt Suppression Project of Trenching usually involves one or several land owners and the Texas Forest Service has a cost shearing assistance to help defray the trenching cost. The purpose of trenching is to isolate the diseased center from healthy trees and is a modest estimate that 70 % of the trenches installed state wide have successfully curbed the spread of oak wilt.

Jim Rediker

A Personal Note:

I became fascinated and have loved the Live Oaks since I arrived here from Canada in 1977.  Back in Canada, my career was in the international steamship and world freight business. This was a new life and a new career, which became a passion over the years and I wanted to learn everything I could about plants and trees. I consider myself an arborist from the school where the learning was hard, and the experience has been very extensive -- a wonderful experience and far beyond my dreams. This was a dream come true. I am not a Certified Arborist and I don’t feel that my love and experience should be measured by a certificate or a degree. I enjoy my work and the experience of meeting people and knowing that I just might help save one or two of your trees. When this happens the reward is awesome.  I was always afraid and very cautious about answering a question to a customer.  I did not dare give a line that the customer might like to hear.  I figured maybe the customer knew the answer and I was being tested. My answer proved to be the best teacher I ever had ......
“I’ll look it up and get back to you”.   

R.I.P. Jim Rediker
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 Contact:  Cell: 830.955.0304
Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified

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