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    Tree Injector
The Chemjet Happy Tree
Make Your Trees Happy

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To purchase the Chemjets:  

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 Price $11.25 ea plus S & H $12.00 up to 30 units.

CA. or out of State sales tax not applicable. 

Protect Your Trees
Protect The Environment 
Think Environment - Think Chemjet

Texas live oak over four hundred years old; 
That Tree
Is a non renewable resource of energy
Quote: An eight years old science student.

Environmentally Safe - Tree Injections
         T r e e s
Trees can't protect themselves,... People can.
can't move for better living conditions,... People can. 
Trees can't prevent pollution,... People can.
by themselves can't move during their lifetime,... People can.

can't produce oxygen,... Trees can.
People can't filter noise,... Trees can. 
People can't cool the globe,... Trees can.

The Value of Trees

Trees are Beautiful.
Trees increase economic stability by attracting business and customers to communities.
Trees enhance neighborhoods  by adding beauty and softening the harshness of our environment.
Trees are essential the health of our environment and to our health.
Trees are a critical part of the ecosystem.
Trees provide habitat for many species of wildlife and beneficial insects. 
Trees save energy by reducing the need for cooling and heating.
Trees reduce erosion by intercepting, storing, and using rainfall.
Trees have a positive effect on people - they can make us feel happy, connected with nature,
          and reduce  stress, and most important they restore our spirits.
Trees produce oxygen we breath, absorbs carbon dioxide produced from the combustion of various fuels

Saving the Environment Every Time !

So Easy To Use  -  Hands On Training

Tracking The Spread of Sudden Oak Death:

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                     Jim Rediker - Nurseryman -  Arborist  - TDA Certified

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