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Karen Rockoff is the only ISA certified
arborist with

BEWARE- There are other persons fraudulently representing These persons are not authorized or licensed to use the name or inject with the chemjet system. Please contact Karen Rockoff immediately if these persons attempt to solicit these services. 

Karen L. Rockoff
Master Certified Landscaper TX 4803
ISA Certified Arborist TX 3308A
Certified Oak Wilt Specialist TX 0291

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New EPA requires all chemical manufacturers of Propiconazole 14.3% MECinclude an additive ingrediant to shortens the residual life effect of the product once it is applied by spray application to trees, crops or turf.
Also shortening the residual life in the soils and on crops. When mixed with hard water or water with a high pH, a white precipitant forms and the product becomes milky and for use when injecting trees it will immediately clog the vascular system and your injectors. Threatment with muratic acid will disolve the precipitant and hold it in solution. The small amount of muratic acid will not harm your trees.
NOTE:  If your product has the word  "Warning"  on the label it is OK . . . No White Precipitant forms
If it has a "Caution label"  then it needs to be treated with Muratic Acid to dissolve the white precipitant
       Chemjet Tree Injector Micro Injection 20Mils  50/50 propiconazole/water

Be careful about water source. Treat water with muriatic acid if pH is high. Avoid hard water or run through a deionizer.

Kestrel / Quali Pro - Propiconazole 14.3% will precipitate out of solution in hard and high pH water.

Performing Micro-Infusion - Injection  Micro-Infusion uptake normally completes in 3-5 hours.

Mix a small amount of KESTREL / QUALI PRO and water in a clear measuring cup, add a few drops of muriatic acid and watch the effects.

If a white precipitate forms and settles to the bottom of the cup, the water is hard or has high pH and needs to be treated.

Mixing the Chemical “ KESTREL / QUALI PRO ” Propiconazole with Muriatic Acid, prevents precipitation problems.

KESTREL / QUALI PRO will form a white precipitate in water that is hard or has high pH levels.

Treat ½ gal of water with 10 cc or 1/3 oz of the muriatic acid.

Slowly add ½ gal of the propiconazole ( KESTREL / QUALI PRO ) to the treated water.

Observe the solution as it is being mixed, if there is a precipitant forming stir slowly to insure thorough mixture.

If the precipitant forms and does not clear, add another 10 cc or 1/3 oz of muriatic acid.

Once the solution remains clear without any precipitant, proceed to load the Chemjet Injectors and you are ready to complete your tree injection job.

The micro-infusion provides thorough distribution to the entire canopy, when placing the injectors 3” equidistance around the trunk 4“-6 “ above the soil line. The Chemjets reduce the collateral damage by more than 85%. In nine years time of prevention treatment of thousands of trees only 5 trees have been lost to oak wilt., which were highly suspect to oak wilt prior to treatment.

Performing Macro Infusion - Injection Macro-Infusion uptake should take less than 1 hour.

          Mix a small amount of KESTREL / QUALI PRO and water in a clear measuring cup, add a few drops of muriatic acid and watch the effects.
          If a white precipitate forms and settles to the bottom of the cup, the water is hard or has high pH and needs to be treated.

In a 5 gallons container of water, first add 30 cc or 1 oz of Muriatic Acid.
With the prescribed amount of treated water in the injection reservoir, add the appropriate dosage amount of the propiconazole. Watch for white precipitation, If no precipitate forms, continue with the infusion.

If the precipitate forms again, continue to add muriatic acid at the rate listed above until the propiconazole / water stays in solution. Repeat the above until all your injection canisters are ready prepared for the injection process.

Muriatic acid is available at hardware or building supply stores.




                                       Macro Injection 18" dia tree  -  180 Mils propiconazole 18 Ltr water                           

Karen Rockoff 
Contact:  Cell: 830.955.0304
                     Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified

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